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Best Football Blogger of 2008

We’ve selected six candidate writers for “Best Blogger” award of 2008. The writer with the most number of votes by December 15 wins the 2008 Readers’ Choice award. A Judges’ Choice award will also be awarded at the same time.

Visit these sites to help you make your decision:


Note: After much deliberation (fist-fighting and hair-pulling), we decided that we would only nominate one blogger per website in this year’s category. This was not an easy decision, and it is one I was originally opposed to (because it effectively eliminates a writer I’m very fond of from contention).

Alas, that is also the only reason why Chris (of The Offside and Roma Offside fame) is not appearing among the nominees this year. We can only nominate one Offside writer, and since Chris won “Best Blogger” last year, we felt it was time to give Laurie a chance. 🙂

No hard feelings Chris. Keep writing that footy goodness. We’ll always keep reading it.

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