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Dirty Tackle Interview

Dirty Tackle was nominated for the Best Football Website and Most Entertaining Football Website awards, while Dirty Tackle author Brooks Peck was nominated for the Best Football Blogger award. We asked Brooks to talk about the awards, how 2010 had turned out for Dirty Tackle, future plans and of course, who he would vote for in the awards. Here’s the interview:

1) You’ve been nominated for Best Football Website, Most Entertaining Football Website and Best Football Blogger, chosen by both fans and industry experts, how does it feel?

It feels orgasmic. Literally orgasmic.

What kind of year has 2010 been for Dirty Tackle and Brooks Peck?

Pretty amazing. It’s been our first year with Yahoo! and I can’t even begin to explain how fantastic that’s been. Between the millions of readers we had during the World Cup and the growth of DT, it’s just been unbelievable.

3) What do you think has been the key factor in your success?

Siding with the corn resistance. And Dimitar Berbatov.

4) If you were casting a vote for your any of your fellow nominees, who would it be?

That’s tough because all the nominees are fantastic. And I really mean that. But if I had to choose, I’d go with FourFourTwo for Best Football Website, Studs Up in the Most Entertaining site category and DT contributor Brian Phillips in the Best Blogger category.

5) What’s next for Dirty Tackle / Brooks Peck?

More eroticism, more nonsense and more rage. Then I’ll probably eat a sandwich or something.

You can vote for Dirty Tackle and Brooks Peck in the following award categories:

Best Football Website
Most Entertaining Football Website
Best Football Blogger

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