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Ives Galarcep Interview

Ives Galarcep was nominated for Best Football Journalist award. We asked him to talk about the awards, how 2010 had turned out for Ives, future plans and of course, who he would vote for in the awards. Here’s the interview:

1) You’ve been nominated for Best Football Journalist, chosen by both fans and industry experts, how does it feel?

It is a great honor I can’t thank my readers enough for. When I won the award last year I was pretty amazed and extremely humbled. Considering the list of finalists for the award this year I’m just honored to be mentioned in the same conversation with some of writers I consider the best in the world.

2) What kind of year has 2010 been for Ives Galarcep?

It has been a very good year and a year of change. I left ESPN after five years and joined FoxSoccer.com, where I am looking forward to being a part of a growing presence in American soccer. Covering my third straight World Cup was an unforgettable experience and seeing the continued growth of my own website, Soccer By Ives, was very satisfying. Having the chance to train and work with young writers is one of the best things about what I do and, if anything, perhaps what I am most proud of this year has been seeing so many of my writers go on to write for other established outlets.

3) What do you think has been the key factor in your success?

I think my success is driven by my desire to cover the American game with the respect it deserves. Whether it is MLS or college soccer, or the Americans playing in Europe, I really try to deliver what I think most American fans are looking for, things they can’t always find easily elsewhere.

4) If you were casting a vote for your any of your fellow nominees, who would it be?

That’s a tough one. This year’s particular list of finalists is loaded. I’d probably have to go with Grant Wahl, who has taken it to a whole other level in 2010. Gabriele Marcotti wins my European Writer of the Year award.

5) What’s next for Ives Galarcep?

Continuing to expand my presence at FoxSoccer.com in 2011 while also helping Soccer By Ives grow by adding more writers and even more thorough coverage of the game both in the United States and internationally. I’m hoping to do much more in the fields of video and podcasts to help give readers even more options to choose from.

6) Have you seen the Castrol Football Rankings? What do you think about them, and who do you think is the best footballer in the world at the moment?

Coming up with a thorough system to rank players is probably close to impossible but the Castrol Rankings do a good job of providing a measure of just what players bring to each game. For me, Lionel Messi is the best in the world, but Xavi is much closer than many give him credit for being.

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