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NUFCBlog, vote rigging and future awards

For all our displeasure at watching C-Ron dive, some of us are not above cheating as long as they can get away with it. I’ve always been quite angry at certain awards sites for making us jump through so many hoops to place our votes but now I understand why – if you trust people, a minority of them will violate that trust and take advantage of everyone else and the system.

Like PremiershipTalk, some readers at NUFCBlog decided to vote multiple times and then brag about it in the comments thread at the site as well. Not the smartest, I grant you that, and and as a result of their actions we had to disqualify NUFCBlog from the Readers’ Choice section of the Blog Community award.

It’s not something I enjoyed doing because I love what Ed has done at NUFCBlog, he’s an inspiration to all bloggers and it would have been great to seem him win the award. Because of the actions of some idiots (and on our part, because we trusted voters too much), he won’t.

Hopefully you’ll get ’em next year Ed.

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