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Three And In Interview

Three And In was nominated for Best New Football Site award. We asked them to talk about the awards, how 2010 had turned out for Three And In, future plans and of course, who he would vote for in the awards. Here’s the interveiw:

1) You’ve been nominated for Best New Football Site, chosen by both fans and industry experts, how does it feel?

It feels better than when we won the X-Factor. And the football blogging industry is far less corrupt than the music one. Plus you don’t have to … you know … *choke choke* … yeah, you know.

But obviously it’s nice to be judged by your peers. Unless they say ‘you’re shit’. I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. We’re not obsessed with awards though. We’ll be happy enough with a top four finish and a Champions League place.

2) What kind of year has 2010 been for Three and In?

Sort of half-empty. But maybe that’s because we only began in July.

3) What do you think has been the key factor in your success?

A very good question. And if I knew the answer I’d bottle it and sell it on eBay. I don’t really think we’ve had success, as such, but we’ve built a reasonable audience in a short time and obviously we want to grow that over time.

4) If you were casting a vote for your any of your fellow nominees, who would it be?

ABZM. Just joking. They’re all great blogs doing different things really well.

5) What’s next for Three and In?

More of the same and some different things too.

6) Have you seen the Castrol Football Rankings? What do you think about them, and who do you think is the best footballer in the world at the moment?

I think it’s a toss up between Lionel Messi, Samir Nasri and Christian Poulsen. Too close to call though.

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Best New Football Website

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